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Welcome to our home on the internet! Here, you can play our free games and browse our shop while you wait for our full game releases and keep up with all the news about our projects.

We are a young indie game studio, established in 2023 but we are learning and growing rapidly. We aim to bring you a wide selection of emotionally gripping, entertaining and high quality games, over the coming months and years.

We have everything from the tale of a small service droid, sent on a hopeless blind mission to save humanity by his mentally unhinged, scientist father; To a rabbit detective who wakes up in a twisted film noir like city, best described as a cross between a Hunter S Thompson nightmare and Bioshock's rapture; to a fractured, Viking war party, fighting for survival and individual power across the freezing fjords and treacherous mountains of viking era Europe.

We are glad you can join us on our journey as we bring these games to life and aim to become a blooming AA indie developer. Keep checking back here to follow along and support us as we grow. We will also be adding more and more titles to our "free games" page, as and when we can.

About Us

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