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Alien Bob is a fun but challenging, retro, precision platformer, spread across fast paced open areas and more intricate, precision based, enclosed areas, with a variety of environmental dangers and enemies along the way.

Your mission is to help Bob collect as many Halcron Crystals as possible as you complete the challenging levels across his collapsing planet, dealing with enemy patrols and avoiding traps, obstacles and sentry turrets as you go!

The game is far more challenging than it's art style implies. Good luck and enjoy!

Status : Completed     -     Releasing  May 6th

Choose your own path and decide how you're going to interact with the world in Little Robots! A complex and challenging metroidvania action adventure across a ruined and desolate landscape, long after the fall of civilisation. Play as R3GG1E, the little service robot, sent to save his father's life and maybe something far bigger while he's at it. You'll both befriend and battle a multitude of humans, robots and outlandish, mutated creatures alike, all in glorious 2D pixel art.

Are you ready to be mankind's last hope
? R3GG1E definitely isn't!

Status : In Development

When Thumper Knuckles takes on his latest case, he has no idea what he's getting into. He starts the case how he normally does... A stiff drink and a good night's sleep. When he wakes up though, he's in a strange world, different but the same, in a city just like his, but touched by magic and infinitely more chaotic and corrupt.

Play as Knuckles... Thumper Knuckles, bunny detective extraordinaire, as he tracks down the violent criminals who are brutally murdering their way through the city's rabbit population and spreading drugs that alter the inhabitants' personalities and physiology.

Thumper Knuckles is a noir action-adventure shooter like no other.

Status : In Development

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