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Update  - March 2024

Alien Bob

2024 is off to a flying start! Our "small, free, side-project" ended up becoming a full on platformer, releasing on Steam on May 6th! Alien Bob is a fun but challenging, retro, precision platformer, spread across fast paced open areas and more intricate, precision based, enclosed areas, with a variety of environmental dangers and enemies along the way, as he collects Halcron crystals to fuel his ship and escape his dying planet.

For anyone that likes a good old retro platformer and a challenge, this game is for you!

The game will be on sale from May 6th at $4.99 / GBP 3.99 on Steam. Wishlist below!

Little Robots

Little Robots has taken a huge turn for the better... We have upgraded from pixel art to hand-drawn and are well on our way to having a playable demo for you all to enjoy, hopefully by mid-summer! Keep your eyes peeled and we will let you know as soon as we are ready to uncover our creation!

Holey Night

So this one, we are playing quite close to the chest for now, but we have a very cool and relatively unique boomer shooter that we can't wait to show you all! Right now, being our over ambitious selves, we are aiming to drop a demo right in time for the steam FPS Fest (April 15th), so please do forgive our silence until then. We will just be neck deep in Unreal, working and consuming copious amounts of coffee!

Update  - October 2023

Little Robots

After a long hiatus to improve the project, "Little Robots" is back in development and flying along, as a pixel art, Metroidvania, being developed in the awesome "Godot 4". Dr Shelley, Reggie and the rest of the crew will all be back with artwork, gameplay captures and their own page, very soon!

Thumper Knuckles

Keep your eyes here for the first look at Thumper Knuckles himself (The game model... the poster is up on the games page now. Take a look!), due to drop on Halloween!

Engine Update

We are moving to Unreal for 3D and Godot for 2D! While this means the end (for now) of our previously planned free project in Unity, it does mean a slew of new mini games for all of you to enjoy, as we learn our new tools and speed towards development on "Thumper Knuckles".

R.I.P to all of the unity projects that we will likely never get to play, now. This one may return in Unreal when we have the time

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